Nowadays, many countries have been banning single-use plastics all over the world. Europe & Canada will follow and will implement a plastic ban by 2021. Plastic straw ban in England has come into force since October, 2020. It is good to see nations taking a stand against that situation. We should realize that the need for biodegradable, organic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws is more necessary than ever. More and more customers wish to use reusable straws to protect the environment too. So that, please make sure your business keeps up with that trend with QA Bamboo's bamboo drinking straws. It can also increase your revenue streams.

QA Bamboo offer wholesale bamboo straws and other bamboo products like bamboo trays, bamboo cutlery in the future. We provide a full range of customizing packaging options for all bamboo straws products to suit your business's branding and messaging by using packaging printing machine and also engraving logo brand on bamboo straws by using CO2 laser machines. We also offer FREE SAMPLE (shipping fee not included) for you if you need!

QA Bamboo offer shipping services to customers around the world at competitive prices. We guarantee the goods will reach you as soon as possible. 


Shop Bamboo Straws Wholesale Online. QA Bamboo provides Bamboo Products at wholesale ready to be purchased in the US, Canada UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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QA Bamboo is ready for sale to businesses around the world. In the GRAND Opening WEEK, we are providing Free 99 Samples For 33 Businesses. we are ready to bring our Reusable