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Chander Pahar is the story of a young Bengali man's adventures in Africa from 1909-1910. The novel depicts the struggles of a Bengali family in the Congo where they are trying to establish a trading colony of their own. The book covers the protagonist's journey from London to Africa to the Congo where he confronts the hardships of the journey. However, he then becomes a victim of cruel and unjust treatment in Africa, which only drives him to return to his family and his native home.The book portrays the life of a young Bengali man and his journey to Africa where he faces many hardships, also written by Choudhuri. The book is written in the Bengali language, and is divided into 2 parts, the first part describes the story of Chander Pahar's journey from London to Africa, and second part covers the story of Chander Pahar's stay in Africa. The book was originally written in Bengali, and then translated into English by the author. The novel was released in 1971. Plot Chander Pahar begins with the protagonist Chander Pahar on the top of a mountain on the African continent. As Chander Pahar's eyes are wide open and he is finding the world around him beautiful, a stranger walks in front of him. The stranger then says, "Hey. What are you looking at?" Chander Pahar replies, "I am a Bengali," and the stranger responds, "Well, you look very Bengali to me." The stranger then smiles, and says "I am from the Congo." Chander Pahar then walks down from the mountain and discovers that he is alone on the African continent. As he is walking around the unfamiliar surroundings, he meets another person, whom he thinks is also Bengali, he then asks the stranger where he came from and the stranger replies, "I am from . I was staying in London, and then I came here and started to work in . I have been here for 3 years." He also explains that his name is George, his name is George, and that he is a secretary of a company called " ." As George starts to tell Chander Pahar that he was born in England, Chander Pahar asks how he was born in England and George responded that he was born in a village in India. While Chander Pahar is amazed at the fact that George was born in India, he then replies that he also was born in India, and when



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Chander Pahar Movie Torrent Download chelar

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