Why We Should Use Bamboo Straws Instead Of Plastic Straws

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Plastic straws not only pollute our environment but it is also harmful to our health. Plastic straws are not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally by bacteria and other decomposers into non-toxic materials. Most plastic straws always break into ever-small particles, releasing chemicals into the soil, air, and water that are harmful to animals, plants, people, and the environment.

Plastic straws are not biodegradable, but they are also difficult to recycle because plastic straws are categorized as type five plastic, which is even less commonly recycled. Also, plastic straws are small and light that they are often sifted out at mechanized recycling plants and sent to landfills anyway.

As discussed above, plastic straws degrade into smaller particles over time, making it easier to be swallowed by marine animals such as fish. In this way, plastic is entering the food chain and may, ultimately, be consumed by humans, which could have more profound health implications. However, people have opted to use the more eco-friendly option to reduce plastic pollution to the environment. Among eco-friendly alternatives is the use of bamboo straws.

bamboo straw drinking coffee

Bamboo straws are an alternative to saying no to plastic pollution. This is a safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and reusable straw. Bamboo is entirely natural. It overgrows, and there is no added pesticide or chemical fertilizers.

Thus the plant does absolutely no damage to animal life, marine life, or the environment in general. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable plants. Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than other trees, helping to combat climate change. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing plants. The individual can make bamboo, or they can be purchased.

How To Make A Bamboo Straw

The following are the guidelines for making bamboo (Do It Yourself).

· Make 15cms on the bamboo cane, mark it with a marker or pencil and then cut the club carefully with the handsaw.

· Go through the center of the bamboo on both sides using a drill to remove the inner pith. Afterward, go back through with a metal rod to remove excess.

· Sand it using a piece of course sandpaper until smooth or desired to remove rough edges and green bamboo. You can use fine sandpaper after to finish it nicely.

· The bamboo is detoxified in boiling saltwater solution, cook and change the water 2-3 times until the water becomes cleaner.

· Remove the straw from the water and let it dry naturally. To finish straws, a little coconut oil can be used. This is optional, but it will help them last longer. To care for the straws, wash them in warm water, and use a cleaning brush or rod.

Why Do We Should Use Bamboo Straws Instead Of Plastic Straw?

If you can't make your bamboo straws by yourself, you can buy them at QA Bamboo Wholesale. The sold ones are made from 100% organic bamboo, and they contain no chemicals or pesticides. The following are the reason why we should use bamboo straws instead of plastic straws.

bamboo straw drinking coffee

§ They are made using natural resources. The best thing about bamboo straws is their sustainability. Unlike single-use plastic straws that don’t biodegrade and pollute the earth, bamboo straws are designed from 100% natural materials! They are a great reminder that nature is the best resource for our food and product needs.

§ They are biodegradable. This means that if they enter the environment, they will be broken down into safe products without harming surrounding plants and wildlife. The earth is where they belong.

§ They are made from the most sustainable plant. Bamboo straws are made out of fast-growing bamboo, one of the most sustainable plants in the world. Bamboo needs no fertilizers or pesticides and regenerates from its roots, so it does not need to be replanted, making the bamboo straws even more eco-friendly!

§ Creation of jobs. The talented team of artisans craft these bamboo straws and sell them in most countries where bamboo straws are commonly used, such as Vietnam. Such artisans have been provided with ethical working conditions and paid well above the Fair Trade Standard. The growing popularity of bamboo straws creates more jobs for these artisans, making them a symbol of environmental and economic sustainability.

§ They are anti-bacterial and easy to clean. Bamboo straws are not only safer for the environment but also safer for us. In addition to being chemical-free, bamboo is even less likely than single-use plastic to harmful harbor bacteria. And again, they are simple to clean.

§ They are reusable. Bamboo is here to change society’s damaging ‘throwaway culture.’ As we continue to produce more single-use plastic that we can safely manage, reusable alternatives are more important than ever. Use them, clean them, and use them again-no waste.

§ They can replace single-use straws. Instead of using single-use plastic that is dangerous to the environment, it can be replaced by bamboo straws, which are reusable.

§ They are zero waste. Most of the beaches in the world are currently polluted by an estimated 8.3 million plastic straws. The result of this catastrophic amount of garbage is a pollution of the ecosystem of precious wildlife such as birds and turtles. Bamboo straws are biodegradable and reusable, making them the perfect waste-free option to phase out single-use plastics.

§ They are better than paper, metal, and glass straws. Bamboo straws are organic and chemical-free, eliminating the risk of ingesting dangerous toxins; this gives them the edge over paper, metal, and glass straws that either don’t biodegrade as quickly or are not sustainably made from natural materials. For a more natural feel that won’t harm the earth or your drink, choose bamboo straws.

In summary, all of these reasons make bamboo straws the future of drinking utensils. No matter what your event may be, these products will make you look professional and eco-conscious. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being safe for everyone. Their versatility is evident because they are sustainable for both corporate events and home parties are a great alternative to plastic straws. The next time you need to purchase products for drinking with, it is well worth choosingbamboo straws.