Which Reusable Straws Are The Best?

Updated: Apr 16

Plastic straws are one of the factors causing serious environmental pollution. It takes 100 - 500 years for a plastic straw to decompose, while the amount of plastic waste keeps increasing each year.

Plastic straws mixed into the soil alter the soil properties, hindering plants' growth, leading to degradation of the ecosystem. Plastic straws, if thrown into drains, ponds, will clog the flow, cause flooding in the rainy season and create favorable conditions for pathogenic organisms to multiply.

When discharged into the ocean, plastic straws will pollute the water source and destroy marine animals' habitat. If plastic straws are burned, toxic gases such as dioxins and furans will be generated, polluting the air environment and posing a direct threat to human health.

There are many types of environmentally friendly straws currently on the market such as grass straws, bamboo straws, glass straws, and stainless-steel straws, etc. These straws are reusable several times, so that helps decrease the amount of waste to the environment. 

These straws also have good heat resistance, safety for health, and eye-catching shapes. Let’s find out which straw is the best with QA Bamboo.

Grass straws

grass straws


  • Cheap price

  • Easily biodegradable


  • These straws currently handmade, so it cannot be produced in large quantities.

  • They are quite fragile.

  • These products have a grassy odor and a slightly bitter taste. It alters the smell and taste of the beverage. Color is limited to the natural green of the grass.

  • You cannot customize on the grass straws, so it isn't easy to PR and marketing.

Stainless-steel straws

metal straws


  • Environmentally friendly because it can be used for a long time

  • Made of sturdy, durable steel

  • Luxurious appearance

  • Easy to maintain


  • Expensive

  • Not suitable for hot drinks like hot tea, hot milk

Glass Straws


  • With glass straws you can really *SEE* the clean. You don’t have to wonder if there’s any residue hiding in the straw.

  • There is no taste imparted with glass straws.


  • Expensive

  • Easy to break

  • Little issue with hot and cold drinks

Paper Straws

paper straws


  • Easy, convenient and disposable


  • But if you leave it in a drink, it’ll break down easily or get soggy

Bamboo Straws

bamboo drinking straws


  • Eco-friendly because it made from the most sustainable plants on earth

  • Reusable a lot of times

  • Completely biodegradable

  • Bamboo is strong and durable

  • Bamboo straws definitely impart a tropical taste to your drinks

  • It’s suitable for hot and cold drinks

  • Cheap price because QA Bamboo has an abundant source of natural materials. We have modern machinery and skilled workers that can achieve a mass production output of 15 million bamboo straws/month.


  • These are by far the most difficult straws to clean

So, what is the best alternative straw for a plastic straw? All types of reusable straws mentioned in this article are great in their own right. And just having a reusable straw is much better than having a single-use plastic straw! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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