Make A Wintery Bamboo Bouquet-Dollar Store Crafts

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Decorations do not have to be on holidays only or special events; there are still lots of Do It Yourself (DIY) winter decorations to add festive touches to your house right on until spring. During winter, many people are stuck inside because of the climate and can't take any more time lying down gently but clumsily on the sofa watching the tube. What do you do? Don't worry because there is lots of plenty to keep you busy during the short, dull days ahead. You can craft one of these winter projects that are as fun to exhibit as they are to style!

Many of these ideas use items you already have around the house or can find for a few dollars online or at the crafts store. Many of these ideas can be used and enjoyed during the winter It can also be extended to February around Valentine. Crafting can be the perfect way to grab the kids from skin time or spend an afternoon by yourself immersed in something rather than chores. With careful planning, using a wintery bamboo bouquet will make a lovely addition to your space.

If you think for so long to do something different by having long stalks of bamboo in the floral department, they have at Dollar Tree, inspired by the oncoming snowy weather. You can come up with a bouquet of bamboo that has a very wintery feel. Here are some estimates.

Project estimates

· Bamboo stalks (3 packages), $3

· Glass vase, $1

· River rocks, $1

· Paint, on hand or $1 and up.

· Stencil, on hand $1 and up.

Total: 5 dollars and up

Martha Stewart's Holiday Icons stencil set is where I purchased the snowflake stencil. Martha Stewart craft paints in wedding cake, summer Haze, and sterling in the paint colors used for this project. Besides, Martha's Glitter Finish was used.

Martha Stewart is the color and trend expert who has everything needed for excellent craft and home décor projects: family-friendly multi-surface paints in a broad range of colors and finishes, home décor paint, acrylic watercolor paints, stencils, and all the perfect tools to make your masterpiece. All Martha Stewart's multi-surface paints are AP-certified non-toxic and have gone through additional testing to be CPSIA-compliant, meaning its safety is guaranteed for use by families with children of ages 3.

The number of bamboo pieces required for your bouquet depends on how many will fit in your vase. A vase that holds at least a dozen stalks would be recommended for the best results.

Painting of the bamboo stalks. You should select your colors carefully to avoid mucking up with a mismatched color scheme. For this case, the bamboo is painted white. Two coats of wedding cake are used to add up on this because of the desired snowy sparkle. 4 coats of Glitter Finish are added. This glittery stuff is impressive! Placing the bamboo across wire baking racks to dry gives you the best results rather than on the flat surface.

Paint the rocks that will weight the bottom of the vase. Decorative stones are perfect for displaying on shelves, in your garden, or as a vase filler. In this case, they are for the vase filler, and they can make fabulous DIY décor. Here are some of the tips for achieving the best-painted rocks.

· Any rock can be decorated, but it is harder to use the ones with ridges. It is recommended to use smooth and flat stones. If you can not find them in nature, they can be purchased at craft stores or home improvement centers.

· Wash the rocks before decorating them. Dirty rocks will ruin your designs, so they have to be removed. After removing the dirt by washing them, please leave them in a colander to drain and dry.

· Seal the rock before painting on it using a clear brush-on or spray sealer. This helps, especially if the stones are porous not to suck out the life of your markers. Another option is prime with white paint to help the colors you paint on top to give a vibrant appearance.

· Colour your design on top and use various coats. Let dry between layers. A multi-surface or out-door paint may be used to help them hold up to the elements.

· If you want to make some details on your rock, use small brushes or a stylus.

· Oil-based paint pens and sharpies are used to write on the rocks. You should make sure to let it fully dry before any writing.

· Finish off your rocks with either a coat, two, or three. This is of benefit to your beautiful painted rocks because they will be protected from the elements.

In this respect, most of the rocks were painted a gorgeous light blue shade called Summer Haze, and about 1/3 of them a metallic silver. The paint on the rock on one side was dried totally before flipping it over, or the partially-dried paint will stick to your work surface, and little bits may pull off of the rocks.

Stencil a snowflake onto the vase. This is a fun way to decorate for the holidays or winter. You will need stencil paste, a putty knife, acrylic paint, and a glass vase. In this case, the snowflake was stenciled lightly first, then peeled off and went back over the design with a paintbrush to come up with a hand-painted look. A thick coat of silver was used to give it an embossed look. Once all the paint is dry, combine them. First, put a layer of rocks beneath the vase's surface, then put the bamboo in the vase's center. Add more rocks around the outside edge until the base of the bamboo is covered. Using too many rocks should be avoided because there should be enough space left in the vase that the bamboo can spread out at the top. Too many stones will make the bamboo all stand straight up in one clump.

In summary, wintery decoration is fun. You can use DIY techniques to come up with your desired décor. Doing it yourself is more cost-saving than depending on the purchases from craft shops or home improvement centers.

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