If Society Stopped Using Plastic Straws & How Much Will It Benefit The Environment

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The question of plastic waste has been a center of attention in most countries in the world. Can you imagine one-day humanity will stop using plastic straws and save the Earth?

Generally, plastic hold dangerous chemicals that can affect the health of both humans and animals. Even without being digested, plastic debris can hurt or kill seabirds, marine mammals, and fish by intertwining them or causing them to starve or suffocate. There has been such a public outcry against plastic straws.

First, they are nearly out of the question to recycle because of their unrealistic size and shape. Thus, most recyclers do not accept them, and they end up in the garbage. Plastic straws are also blown out of the garbage cans into the street and, in due course, find their way to the waterways.

plastic ban

Recently, laws curb or completely ban plastic straws all across the country and even around the world. But why have these bans been so widespread, and do they work? Are they solving environmental issues?

While plastic straws cannot be avoided entirely, we can reduce the amount used by becoming more conscious of our consumption and becoming more responsible by understanding the benefits of reducing plastic waste to the environment.

Here are some of the primary critical reasons for reducing disposable plastic consumption.

Benefits of reducing the usage of plastic straws to the environment

· Less plastic straws, less carbon dioxide

Plastic has a significant carbon footprint, and so do many of the alternatives to plastic. And that is what makes replacing plastic a problem without a clear solution. Plastic is just a form of fossil fuel. It's made from oil or natural gas and takes lots of energy to make that happen. This produces a staggering amount of carbon dioxide, amplifies the greenhouse effect, and warms the planet even more.

Reducing your disposable plastic consumption also reduces demand for it, which means whoever you are purchasing it from is less likely to keep on making it. Climate change is the issue of our lifetime, and while it is challenging to influence government policy, we can protest with our wallets and discourage the production of plastic.