“Green revolution” construction industry with bamboo

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

During the 2008 Sichuan (China) earthquake, many bamboo houses for the victims were promptly erected. Bamboo is known as the "green steel" is the material toughness, durable than oak but lighter than concrete and steel. With high aesthetics, the friendly environment is making the "Green Revolution” in the construction industry thanks to modern technology.

Bamboo house green revolution

Bamboo is a "green" material in construction industry

In Bali (Indonesia), Ms. Linda Garland is also known as "the queen of bamboo". Her farm grows up to 200 species of bamboo (out of about 1,500 species in the world), from which she made beds, chairs, wardrobes, tables, etc. Her farm had built a massive black bamboo house for Rob Cohen – a Hollywood famous director.

Ms. Linda said that bamboo constructions are more resistant to earthquakes up to 5 Richter, even hurricanes, than other structures.

In 2000, an 1,800 square meter building built by the famous Colombian architect Simon Velez with 4,000 giant bamboos on display at the Hanover Exhibition helped Westerners "rediscover" the bamboo. This building meets all of the strict European housing standards.

Colombia is considered a pioneer in using bamboo as a building material for modern buildings with talented architects such as Oscar Hidalgo Lopez, Marcelo Villegas, or Simon Velez. In the US, architect Barrel DeBoer used bamboo to build university buildings and wrote a book about how bamboo used.

Bamboo-Technologies Company, based in Hawaii, has been certified by the US Government for the Bambusa stenotic bamboo species to build more than 50 houses in Hawaii and California, soon to be built in other US and European regions.

Construction of bamboo with new technology

In the Asia-Pacific region, bamboo is often linked together by ties in traditional construction. But due to the impact of weather, the ties can be damaged. Now with new modern technology, using screws in the coupling, the bamboo architecture industry has a leap.