Benefits of Bamboo for Hair Growth & Hair Health

Bamboo, a remarkably versatile giant grass that grows predominantly around the world mostly in Asia. This type of plant provides essential ecosystem goods and services to human beings. Bamboo shoots are also a superfood with many vitamins and minerals good for human health, but few people know that Bamboo also brings significant benefits to hair. Let's explore what benefits that the fastest-growing plant to improve your hair health.

What is in bamboo that benefits the hair?

Bamboo contains an average of 70% natural silica. Silica is an essential mineral for the human body, strengthening blood vessels and improving circulation, stimulating blood flow to the scalp, and encouraging growth. Bamboo has antioxidant properties that help in detoxifying our body. This helps people absorb nutrients better. Besides, it is also an essential ingredient for the skin's connective tissue, helps to strengthen bones, hair, and nails.

5 Benefits of Bamboo for Hair


If we use bamboo to wash hair, your scalp and hair will get clearing of dirt, dead skin cells, and accumulated products. This will lead the way to a natural shine in hair. Bamboo silica helps your hair cleansing of toxins and foreign substances. By this way, nutrients in bamboo will be absorbed easier and faster, your scalp will be healthier and more beneficial for your hair growth.


Thanks to bamboo's silica component, eating bamboo shoot will help your hair grow faster. In addition to grow your hair longer, it is also stronger and more lustrous even without any additional products. You can use bamboo tea to increase the effect of hair growth. This supplement can be a big help to your nails and skin also.

However, with natural products, you may have to wait 2-3 weeks to see significant results.