Bamboo Tree Decorations For Home Decor Thar Are Both Charming And Functional

Nowadays, people tend to prefer eco-friendly and natural things and move towards a sustainable life. Immerse yourself in a naturally beautiful space after a tiring working day helps us relieve stress and enjoy a better experience. Bamboo is a popular material in building, easy to find, and durable. House decoration with bamboo has also become a trend for families with a passion for nature and plants. Not only can you build a full house with bamboo, but you also can decorate lovely bamboo interiors with your own creativity to create a cozy royal appearance. There are various ways to use bamboo for styling your house that can give you attractive interiors.

A Full Bamboo House

I live in Vietnam, where in the late 20th century, people still live in bamboo houses built by themselves. The architecture of these bamboo houses may not be beautiful as 90% of Vietnamese people lived in the countryside and worked in agriculture in feudal times and they are mainly poor. Except for the royal palaces of kings, houses of mandarins, or landowners, the peasants often built their own homes with the closest familiar materials - bamboo trees. The bamboo tree has long been associated closely with Vietnamese people's life. During the war, Vietnamese people sharpened bamboo trees to make weapons to fight against foreign invaders. Nowadays, it isn't easy to find bamboo houses in Vietnam today. But you might find a beautiful bamboo coffee shop and spacious manor owned by wealthy business owners or lavish villas. That proves that you can ultimately build bamboo houses at a low or high cost. It is up to the owner's needs because bamboo is a relatively cheap material, not too rare like agarwood. Bamboo is tough and resistant,it persists termites very well, unlike other plants.

Beautiful Interiors or Furnitures

Bamboo itself has a luxurious royal appearance. When you use bamboo for your room furniture like bed, it handovers that royalty to the room interiors. The bedside mirror is decorated with bamboo bars to create a highlight for the room. A bamboo table next to the rattan chairs creates a simple, warm, rustic space.

Dining room is one of the most important part of your home. Therefore, you should try a beautiful crafted bamboo dinings, it makes your dining room look more comfortable and warmer. You can also use bamboo sofa sets in your living room or on the porch, so beautiful and luxury.

Lovely Decorations

You can decorate various creative charming decor made of bamboos like bamboo racks, bamboo frames, bamboo art pieces, bamboo lamps, etc. With the several ways to use bamboo for styling your home, you can enjoy the joyful and relaxing ambiance at your own space. Good luck!

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