5 DIY Ideas You Can Do From Used Drinking Straws

Plastic waste causes several bad effects to the environment. Our future life are in danger because of our generation’s actions. So have you ever thought about recycling plastic to reduce plastic waste to the ocean and landfill. Why don’t you recycle and reuse plastic straws instead of throwing away after drinking a coke? You can make a lot of crafts by using used drinking straws to decorate your beautiful house or make a gift for your friends. It requires some patience and talent but I don’t think it’s too difficult. Let’s try some DIY Ideas from Used Drinking Straws below:

1. Drinking Straw Necklaces

You should prepare: Colorful spring straws, metal chain, glue, scissors

Firstly, you have to cut colorful plastic straws into pieces. And then bend them and punch holes in them. After that, you make them into triangles and link one into the other. You may fiddle with those straws a little bit until you got the perfect size you want. Next, you have to glue each one of the ends in to the other end. Last but not least, to save the other parts of the drinking straws, you may want to put holes in the straws so that you can put metal chain links through the holes and build structures of the necklace.

2. Straw Earrings

Are you a fan of boba milk tea? I guess you are. After drinking boba tea, don’t throw those straws away, let’s recycle them into nice earrings.

You should prepare: Colorful plastic traws, glue, jump rings, earring wires. At first, you cut neon straw into small pieces. Then, make 2 holes with a needle, pass a jump rings into it and fix earring wire. After that, drew a circle on paper to make the shape and glue straw pieces together. Tada, you’ve done your crafts

3. Straw sunburst frame

This sunburst frame is an example of a luxurious DIY Idea that can beat anything you could have ever bought in an interior store. With just simple & cheap materials, you totally make yourself a magnificent decoration like this fantastically fabulous frame. You can place it anywhere in the house and guests who come to visit your house will unceasingly praise for its beauty.

What you will need: A cardboard ring, a hot glue gun, drinking straws, spray paint, a circle carton

Firstly, you should be ready with the hot glue gun.

Then, glue these straws in a circular carton with little space between them. You have to be careful if you don’t want to be wonky and crooked.

After you've got one layer, make a 2nd and 3rd layer glued to fill in the gaps. It is important that you try to hide the hot glue and don't spread it everywhere, which will help create the final layer and overall look of the frame.

Next step is to cut some straws in half or thirds and keep sticking them until you get the shape you want and everything is covered. For the final layer, you cut the straws short, and then stick them in places where you can finish the look you want. Then I cut the other straws at random lengths so they look different, random and better.

After all steps above done, the final step is to spray paint. You should place the frame on the grass and spray to avoid floor getting dirty or you can put papers under it and continue spraying it. Remember to paint the tips of the straws and draw evenly all over and around the sides.

4. Straw Cake Toppers