Partnership Policy

Introduction and policy statement

The Quynh Anh Bamboo Import Export Trading Limited Company (QA Bamboo Wholesale) is committed to responsible business practices and conducting business with the highest ethical standards. QA Bamboo Wholesale wants to maintain stable and honest business relationships with all of its "Business Partners" including but not limited to suppliers, advisors, agents and customers.

This Responsible Business Partner Policy ("the Policy") intends to support QA Bamboo Wholesale as it strives to meet the increasing need for transparency concerning how businesses manage their broad range of operational, social, and environmental responsibilities.

QA Bamboo Wholesale expects Business Partners to adopt the principles set out below to ensure alignment with QA Bamboo Wholesale own commitments to social responsibility.

QA Bamboo Wholesale expects all our Business Partners to view us as their preferred Partner. As a result, we strive to achieve a positive reputation in all aspects of our business. We respect the laws, cultures, dignity, and rights of individuals in all countries where we operate. Compliance with national, regional, and international rules, regulations, and conventions is compulsory, and business ethics extend beyond simple compliance. We conduct our business with integrity, which makes our Employees and Business Partners proud to work for and with us.


The principles: 

1 Compliance with legal requirements

Business Partners will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all locations where they conduct business, including those relating to international trade (such as those relating to sanctions, export controls and reporting obligations), data protection, insider dealing and anti-competition laws.

2 Act with integrity in all business dealings 

2.1 QA Bamboo Wholesale is responsible for ensuring the implementation of Partner benefits by each package (Silver Partner, Gold Partner, Diamond Partner and Platinum Partner).

2.2 The Business Partners have each package's benefits and the responsibility to implement the policies that QA Bamboo Wholesale stipulates. All videos and images of QA Bamboo Wholesale are copyright and confidential. Please keep it to yourself. We can sue any information that is leaked to a third party according to the law.

3 Competition Law 

QA Bamboo Wholesale believes in competing fairly in the market place. Business Partners will comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws, which prohibit agreements, business practices, or conduct that are anti-competitive or unreasonably restrain trade. Competitor information will be obtained and maintained by applicable competition laws at all times.

4 Equal opportunities & human rights 

4.1 Business Partners should recruit, select, and promote their employees solely based on qualifications and skills. QA Bamboo Wholesale will not accept any form of employment discrimination, including hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination, or retirement because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.

4.2 QA Bamboo Wholesale requires our Business Partners to maintain all internationally recognized human rights wherever they operate. Bamboo wholesaler QA will not accept that its Business Partners or their supply chains use children or forced labor, human trafficking, slavery, and any other conduct that does not maintain dignity respect for human beings.

5 Conflicts of interest 

Business Partners must avoid any situation or relationship that could lead to an inappropriate conflict or dispute over the interests of QA Bamboo Wholesale. Business Partners must declare all and any conflict of interest in any business dealing with QA Bamboo Wholesale to enable us to take appropriate action.

6 Health, safety and security 

Business Partners will provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable land laws and regulations. Business Partners should protect their employees, physical assets, information, and reputation from potential security threats, including cybersecurity threats.

7 Confidential information 

Business Partners will protect all intellectual property and other confidential information provided by QA Bamboo Wholesale. All information provided by QA Bamboo Wholesale, which is not in the public domain, is deemed confidential and should only be used for its intended purpose.

8 Environment 

Business Partners will operate to protect the environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards. Operations, sourcing, manufacture, distribution of products, and the supply of services should be conducted to protect and preserve the environment.


9 Financial records and Money Laundering

All business transactions must be transparently performed and accurately recorded in the books and records of QA Bamboo Wholesale. We will not tolerate any actual or potential participation in money laundering or market abuse.

10 Communication 

Business Partners will disclose these principles to employees dealing with the QA Bamboo Wholesale, promote, and monitor compliance with the policy.

11 Branding & Images

QA Bamboo reserves the rights to publish the logo of Partner & Images on our Website.


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The QA Bamboo Wholesale Management Team approved this Responsible Business Partner Policy on October 14th 2020