1. Where are you from?

QA Bamboo Wholesale (Registered name: Quynh Anh Bamboo Import Export Trading Company Limited) is based in Vietnam. Vietnam has a tropical climate with high temperature and humidity, favorable for the development of bamboo. Vietnam is rated 4th worldwide in the bamboo area. Our country has more than 70 species of bamboo are found throughout the territory.

The bamboo used for Bamboo Drinking Straw is harvested in the jungle forest of Son La Province, Vietnam. After harvesting, the bamboos are then transferred to our partner factory where the production of the straws takes place.

2. Who manufactures Bamboo Straws?

Every step in the production process from harvesting, designing to carving is carried out by local men and women and ethnic groups in Son La, Vietnam. We provide economic opportunities and create decent jobs for them with the aim of improving their livelihoods and well-being for themselves, their families, and the community.

3. How do you make Bamboo Straws?

  • The farmers will enter the bamboo plantations and forests to seek out the bamboo trees which are at full maturity. It is important that the trees picked are of good quality. Once identified and discovered, the bamboo trees will be then chopped off and transported back to the factory

  • Raw bamboos must achieve a standard, not too small and not insects.

  • Bamboo is carbonized, steam-cleaned, heat-dried by Carbonization Furnace at the correct temperature and time. The purposes of this process are to:
    1. Bactericide, kill mold
    2. Make the bamboo have a beautiful natural color
    3. Remove sugar out of bamboo, it helps the straw avoid mold when using after a long time

  • Next, the bamboo sticks will be cooled down by the water and we let them dry naturally under the sunshine.

  • Then, raw bamboo will be cut into pieces Cutting Machine.

  • And we will polish those bamboos to make straws smoother.

  • After that, we will classify the straws by length and diameter.

  • Then, Bamboo straws will be checked for quality control, then put into the storage room.

  • Finally, when customers order, we will customize the products according to specific requirements. The final products will be packaged and exported to the customers

4. What type of bamboo do you use to make Bamboo Straws?

We use May loi Bamboo (Scientific name: Ampelocalamus sonlaensis) - a strong, durable, versatile, and long-lasting bamboo.

May Loi Bamboo is a clustered bamboo species, with a flexible and small body like Bamboo cane. It is slender, evenly rounded, and usually gets a height from 6 - 9m height. Its trunk is from 1 - 2 cm in diameter, slang from 40-60 cm in length.
May loi Bamboo has many small branches, sometimes up to 10-15 branches of nearly equal size, developed from many stumps. The May loi Bamboo'shoot is small and characterized by brown tassels, from 3-4 cm in length.

5. Do you offer retail?

QA Bamboo is a wholesale exporter of bamboo products. We do not retail, but we can provide Free Samples for businesses that cooperate with us.

6. How do we clean Bamboo Straws?

  • Rinse immediately after using a straw.

  • Wash your straw with the cleansing brush provided or in the dishwasher.

  • To maintain the life of a bamboo straw, apply coconut oil to the straw after every 5-10 uses.

  • Once a month washing them with boiling water from 60-70 degrees C and vinegar, after that, store in the fridge cooler.

  • At the end of their lifespan, put the straw in your compost (remember they are completely biodegradable)

7How long do they last if used regularly? For example, in a coffee shop or a restaurant.

One bamboo straw can be washed hundreds of times and lasts 6-12 months in good condition. 

8. How many types of Bamboo Straws are there?

We have 20cm, 24cm, 27cm, and 30 cm length bamboo straws with a diameter between 6-14mm. Our straws are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, coffee, juice, bubble milk tea.

9. What is the minimum order quantity?

You can order at least 5000 units/order. With customized orders, the minimum quantity would be 10,000 units. Because it costs a lot of money for DHL Express Shipping (5-7 business days) but it takes over 1 month with Container shipping so it would be better if you order an amount that makes sense so it decreases the base cost. 

10. What types of customization do you offer?

For wholesalers, you can buy bamboo straws only or you can request customization. Just give us your logo, package design, and other requirements, we will take care of printing and packing for you. The price will be added to each product unit. These are perfect for coffee, restaurant, events, weddings, or campaigns.

11. Why QA Bamboo?

Our bamboo straws are independently tested in order to comply with The European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935 / 2004. They are all SGS certified and made from 100% natural May loi bamboo. We can customize your bamboo straws bulk order with your own package design & logo laser engraving & can also paper wrapped and beautiful cloth bags. The most important thing is that we have a modern factory ready to manufacture up to 10-15 million straws/month as your requirement. 

12. What about shipping & delivery times?

Take a look at our Shipping Policy

13. What is your Return & Refund Policy?

Take a look at our Return & Refund Policy