GRAND Opening WEEK - Free 99 Samples For 33 Businesses

Hi everyone,


QA Bamboo is ready for sale to businesses around the world. We're happy to say that after 2 years of researching and developing technology for making bamboo straws in Vietnam, with the approval of the local authorities, quality assessment agencies such as SGS, C/O. we are ready to bring our Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws with excellent quality contribute to the protection of our environment.


QA Bamboo's ultimate goal is to respect nature by respecting nature and farmers who are producing these biodegradable products, always use green solutions when possible, and stop using single-use plastic waste to protect the environment.


Therefore, if businesses share the same desire to protect customers' health, minimize plastic waste going out into environment, QA Bamboo is ready to accompany you.


We offer you a great deal that you can now order at our website or through our email and also receive FREE SAMPLES from Sept 26 th to Oct 3rd.


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