Plastic waste pollution is a global problem that many countries, international organizations, scientists, and humanity are concerned. The reason is that plastic waste pollution is threatening the environment, the ecosystem, and human health. Studies show that people throw away an average of 1 plastic straw per day. In the US alone, an estimate shows that 500 million plastic straws are used just one day. Five hundred million plastic straws could fill over 127 school buses each day, or more than 46,400 school buses every year.

QA Bamboo Wholesale (Quynh Anh Bamboo Import Export Trading Co., Ltd.) was established to develop green solutions, contributing a part to reducing plastic waste. QA Bamboo is proud to be headquartered in Vietnam, working closely with our factory in Son La Province, Vietnam. QA Bamboo's products are made from 100% natural bamboo with no harmful chemicals. Our raw material is completely natural, without fertilizers or pesticides. QA Bamboo guarantees that bamboo is exploited sustainably, only using bamboo of old age. Our factory also operates extremely efficiently with modern machinery and equipment and advanced automation to accelerate production progress to ensure a stable year-round supply with productivity up to 5,000,000 straws/month to international market to import bamboo straws (ống hút tre). Sign up for BUSINESS PARTNER for more benefits.

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QA Bamboo Factory

QA Bamboo Factory

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QA Bamboo Save the world with bamboo straws

QA Bamboo Save the world with bamboo straws

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QA Bamboo Wholesale How We Make Bamboo Straws

QA Bamboo Wholesale How We Make Bamboo Straws

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Bamboo is one of the Earth's fastest-growing plants. Bamboo can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees, which can take 30+ years to grow. In the right conditions, it can grow 3 feet tall in 24 hours, which means you can watch it grow with your eyes! This makes it a super sustainable alternative due to its naturally renewing properties.


Bamboo has incredible strength and longevity while remaining light and easy to carry around. With proper care, your bamboo straws can be used over and over again without worrying of them deteriorating.


Bamboo requires no pesticides to grow. Bamboo is a tough and super kid-friendly material! No sharp edges, no risk of breakage, just pop in your pocket and ready to go. You don't have to worry about your kid using the bamboo straws. Therefore, bamboo straws are the safest replacement of plastic straws.


Bamboo absorbs 2 times more carbon dioxide than other green plants. It also produces large amounts of oxygen, up to 35% more than most plants and trees. Also, bamboo has a strong root system deeply attached to the soil, making the ground more stable. Ultimately, bamboo helps to protect biodiversity and endangered species by creating homes for a variety of animals. 


Nowadays, many countries have been banning single-use plastics all over the world. Europe & Canada will follow and will implement a plastic ban by 2021. The plastic straw ban in England has come into force since October 2020. It is good to see nations taking a stand against that situation. We should realize that the need for a biodegradable, organic, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws is more necessary than ever. More and more customers wish to use reusable straws to protect the environment too. So that, please make sure your business keeps up with that trend to import Vietnam bamboo straws (ống hút tre Việt Nam)  with QA Bamboo drinking straws. It can also increase your revenue streams.

QA Bamboo offers wholesale bamboo straws (ống hút tre) and other bamboo products like housewares, kitchenwares, bathroom accessories, furniture, doors, and flooring. We provide a full range of customized packaging options for all bamboo straws products to suit your business's branding and messaging by using a packaging printing machine and also engraving logo brand on bamboo straws by using CO2 laser machines. We also offer FREE SAMPLE (shipping fee not included) for you if you need it!

QA Bamboo offers shipping services to customers around the world at competitive prices. We guarantee the goods will reach you as soon as possible. Are you ready to buy bulk bamboo straws?